One of the major advantages of BioERA’s staff is its peculiar interdisciplinary nature as it is composed of Chemical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Biotechnologists, and Material Scientists, Chemists and Physicists.

Besides standard cell culture facilities, BioERA lab includes:

  • Human pluripotent stem cell facility for conventional cell reprogramming, high-throughput small-scale cell reprogramming, pluripotent stem cell (embryonic (H9, H13, HS2) and induced pluripotent) expansion and differentiation
  • Microfabrication lab for photo- and soft-lithography (micro-molded biomaterials, extra-cellular matrix micropatterning, and multilayer microfluidic device production)
  • Biomimetic polymer processing facilities for design and production of cell culture substrates for mechano-transduction experiments
  • In-house developed technology for stress-stretch culture experiments: from tissue to single cell
  • Electrochemical lab for biosensor development

Through the affiliation to the Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine (VIMM), BioERA staff has also access to state-of-the-art molecular biology facilities (confocal microscope, cell sorter, cryostat, nanodrop, …).

Prof. Giovanna Brusatin is leader of the HyMat Laboratory where laboratories for the chemical synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and micro-/nanofabrication of materials are provided.


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