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    1st Biological Engineering International Workshop

    November 16th-18th, Shanghai, China “Cell Biology through Integrative Bioengineering”  The objective of this workshop is to promote scientific collaboration between the laboratories of Prof. Nicola Elvassore in Shanghai (China) and in Padova (Italy).  The general interest of Prof. Elvassore’s laboratories is the study of biology through integrative bioengineering. This meeting aims at bringing together top…

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  • marc201770001-gra-0001-m
    Paper: Hydrogel with Orthogonal Reactive Units: 2D and 3D Cross-Linking Modulation

    UV lithography and 3D two-photon direct laser writing technology afford to alter hydrogel crosslinking degree in two and three dimensions, exploiting a specific chemistry design. Spatially controlled changes in hydrogel mechanical properties induce a biological response: elongated cells and higher proliferation are evident on 2D stiff patterns compared to the less cross-linked soft regions. Further…

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  • Reprogramming on chip
    Paper: High-efficiency cellular reprogramming with microfluidics

    We report that the efficiency of reprogramming human somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) can be dramatically improved in a microfluidic environment. Microliter-volume confinement resulted in a 50-fold increase in efficiency over traditional reprogramming by delivery of synthetic mRNAs encoding transcription factors. In these small volumes, extracellular components of the TGF-b and other…

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    Sebastian spreads science

    Sebastian Martewicz wins regional selection of FameLab, a communication contest aiming at spreading science to the public. You can read and watch press releases and videos at the following links (Italian only). Mattino di Padova (18 marzo) – selezione regionale: http://mattinopadova.gelocal.it/tempo-libero/2016/03/18/news/giovani-scienziati-alla-prova-del-palco-1.13150460 Comunicato stampa dell’ASI –  lancio della finale nazionale dell’8 aprile: http://www.asi.it/it/news/famelab-lultima-sfida-nella-sede-dellasi Seconda presentazione su…

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  • Funding_Serena
    Fund raising – Serena

    Dr. Elena Serena has received a funding of 7000€ from “Amici del Cuore” of Montebelluna and the association Ascm to pursue her research on human stem cell-derived muscle cells. Article (Italian only) Article (Italian only)

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    BioERA Research explained

    Stefano Giulitti, PhD, explains BioERA’s reasearch at 7Gold broadcast (italian). Stefano Giulitti, vincitore del Premio Manzin, spiega la ricerca del laboratorio BioERA.   Luisa Manzin honors VIMM research at 7 Gold broadcast (italian). Luisa Manzin devolve annualmente borse di studio a tre giovani ricercatori dell’Istituto Veneto di Medicina Molecolare (VIMM) di Padova.

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  • Tissue_on_chip
    Paper: Functional differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells on a chip

    Microengineering human “organs-on-chips” remains an open challenge. Here, we describe a robust microfluidics-based approach for the differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells directly on a chip. Extrinsic signal modulation, achieved through optimal frequency of medium delivery, can be used as a parameter for improved germ layer specification and cell differentiation. Human cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes derived…

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