Hydrogels for in vitro and in vivo applications

Mimicking in vivo microenvironment in terms of mechanical properties is important for obtaining a mature cell phenotype from differentiated pluripotent stem cells. Each tissue in the body is exposed to a microenvironment having a specific stiffness that is implicated in mechano-transduction signaling. We developed biomimetic hydrogels of tunable properties for promoting cardiac and skeletal muscle differentiation and as experimental means for validating hypothesized mechano-transduction signaling mechanisms.


Hydrogels of different stiffness.

Cell therapy represents an appealing solution for the treatment of diseased muscles (both cardiac and skeletal muscle) or the reconstruction of muscles after severe injury. The success of innovative therapeutic strategies depends on the development of suitable technologies to engineer myogenic cells and biocompatible scaffolds. In this perspective, we developed an injectable, biocompatible and biodegradable photo-polymerizable hydrogel able to maintain the myogenic potential of the cells and capable of being delivered in vivo through minimally invasive techniques.


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